Financial Aid Information & Form

In order to be considered for GRE financial aid...
  • All returning students must be fully registered and have submitted a completed aid form by April 15th for the following Summer, Fall, and Spring semester.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted and aid cannot be granted retroactively. 
  • Students must register for at least 6 credits in each of the requested term to be considered. 
  • Newly admitted students should submit this form within two weeks of receipt of their admission decision, but not before registering for 6 credits. 
Scholarships cannot be combined - each student is only eligible to receive one scholarship per term. 

To Apply...
  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Then, General Aid fund students must file an Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To complete the FAFSA form, visit:
  3. International students must also attach a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility Application & Affidavit of Support. 
  4. Full Time Church Worker aid applicants must submit a letter from their employer on official stationary stating that they are an employee of the parish/school of the current academic year. 

FAFSA Information

It typically takes three weeks for the FAFSA to be processed. To indicate that Fordham University should receive the required information and the needs determination from FAFSA, use the following information when filing:

Federal School Code: 002722
College: Fordham University
Address: 441 East Fordham Road
City State Zip: Bronx, NY 10458


Please Note...
  • The tuition discount can only be applied to 6 credits or more per. Students who drop courses and fall below 6 credits will have their aid removed.
  • Fall and Spring aid is capped at 12 credits a semester. 
  • Summer aid is capped at 6 credits. 
  • Course work taken outside of the GRE cannot be given the tuition discount.
  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible for the tuition discount.
  • In addition, the GRE aid does not apply to: Dissertation Format Review; Dissertation Qualifying Paper; Dissertation Mentoring; Maintenance of Matriculation; Students receiving other scholarships from Fordham; Non-Credit Courses; Courses taken for Audit; Students who have a graduate assistantship

For assistance in completing this form or if you have any additional questions, please email Bill Slade at or call 718.817.4800

GRE Financial Aid Form
Please indicate which financial aid program you are applying to:
Academic Year for which you are requesting aid?
Personal Information
Email Address
Fordham ID number (FIDN)
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Mailing Address

Best Phone number to reach you
Graduate Assistantships
Are you a current Graduate Assistant (GA)?
If not a current GA, are you interested in applying to be a GA?
All who answer "yes" to either of the GA questions, will receive information on how to apply or what is needed to return to your GA position from Asst. Dean Patrick Holt. Decisions on placements of GAs will not be announced before mid-May. 
Employment & Financial Information
Are you a participant in a waiver program? If so, please check the waiver program:
Are you currently employed?
If Yes, what is your annual salary?
Do you receive any financial assistance or support from your parish/congregation, diocese, or religious order?
Do you receive any financial assistance or support from your family?
Do you receive any financial assistance or support from private sponsors?
What portion of tuition does your religious community or employer contribute to your education?
Other (percentage)
Academic and Course Information
What program are you currently enrolled in as a student?
Are you a Full-Time Online or On-Campus Student?
Current GPA (if applicable)
Number of credits completed in current degree
Students must project all the courses that they will take each semester that they are applying for aid. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Future courses schedules are available at: and under the Current Student Tab.  Please enter courses as follows: REGR 1000 Scripture 
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
I hereby apply for GRE's General Financial Aid fund and certify that all of the information herein is, to the best of my knowledge, complete, factually correct, honestly presented. In place of your signature, please type your full legal name:
Date of submission